Cobots Market Share 2020 Booming in Europe – Analysis by Size, Types and Top Key Players – FANUC, Aubo Robotics, Universal Robots

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Military Robots Market

The global cobots Market is expected to reach USD 9342.8 Million by 2027, according to a new report by Emergen Research. Cobots or Collaborative robots are revolutionizing the human-robot interactions in various end-user industries, including automotive manufacturing, electronics, food & beverage, plastics & polymers, furniture & equipment, healthcare, and logistics industries, among others. Cobots help by functioning side-by-side the human workforce, thereby reducing cost, time, and floor space when compared to traditional robots. Cobots find extensive usage in applications that require precision and helps in achieving a faster return on investment (ROI). For instance, the Franka Emika Panda cobot can perform its operations with a precision of 0.1 mm, as well as its does not stray from its activities and will continuously function with the specified constraints such as in case of the task associated screw tightening, cobots will always accomplish it with the identical pressure and tension ascertaining quality consistency.

The subject matter experts conducting the study offer a deep understanding of how prominent leaders have managed to navigate the potential buyers and competitive dynamics influencing their brand positioning in the industry The Cobots market analysis provides everything a business owner needs in order to succeed.

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Cobots Market Regional scope: – North America; Europe; Asia Pacific; Central & South America; MEA

Key Highlights From The Report

By payload, above 10 Kg payload capacity is estimated to grow at the fastest rate of 39.7% in the forecast period. 10kg payload cobots possess the capability to manage higher tasks with better precision, dependability, and consistency, as well as in the manufacturing process involving heavier weight.

By application, dispensing is likely to witness the fastest growth rate of 39.2% in the forecast period. Dispensing robots are beneficial in decreasing human errors by restricting dependence on memory. In the healthcare sector, it can lessen the risk associated with medication errors provided other conditions are fulfilled, such as refilling. Further, cobots can provide prescriptions and efficiently run a pharmacy.

By end-users, the automotive industry dominated the market in 2019. Flexibility is the most advantageous characteristic of a cobot. In the manufacturing sector, these are required to improve productivity in various operations. From the viewpoint of automotive manufacturers and suppliers, the flexibility offered by cobots allow them to be always prepared to cater to the rapidly changing consumer demand.

The market in the European region contributed to the largest market share in 2019 and is likely to grow at a rate of 37.2% in the forecast period. The market dominance of Europe is owing to the growth of various end-user industries in the region, such as automotive, logistics, and healthcare, among others. Further, better and effective optimization in the manufacturing sector due to workplace automation is another significant trend driving the market demand in the region.

Key participants include FANUC, Aubo Robotics, Universal Robots, Yaskawa, KUKA, Techman Robot, Precise Automation, ABB, Rethink Robotics, and Doosan Robotics, among others.

You Can Download Free Sample PDF Copy of Cobots Market at

Important Points Mentioned in the Cobots Market Study

Manufacturing Analysis: The report initially analyzes the various segments of the market in a brief manner, which includes product types, applications, and so on. Further, the report consists of a separate section wherein an in-depth analysis of the manufacturing process has been provided which has been verified thorough primary information collected by experts of reputed industries as well as the industry analysts.

Sales and Revenue Estimation: By applying several top-down and bottom-up approaches on the previous years’ sales and revenue data as well as the present market scenario, the analysts have anticipated the market growth and size in major geographies. The report further includes an all-inclusive study on the applications and end-user industries participating in the market. Furthermore, the report provides crucial data on the regulatory policies and guidelines, as well as the macro-economic factors, that determine the evolution of the market along with predictive analysis.

Demand & Supply Assessment: The report further offers key information on the manufacturing and cost analysis, consumption ration, import/export factors, and product and service distribution.

Competitiveness: The report provides crucial data based on the company profile, product portfolio, product and service cost, potential, and sales and revenue generated by the key pioneers and other leading companies.

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Emergen Research has segmented the global Infection Control Market on the basis of payload capacity, application, end-users, and region:

Payload Capacity Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)

Less than 5 Kg

5 Kg to 10 Kg

Above 10 Kg

Cobots Market Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)


Assembling & Disassembling


Welding & Soldering



Cobots Market End Users Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2017-2027)



Plastics & Polymers

Furniture & Equipment

Metals & Machining

Food & Beverages



Here are the questions we answer…

What are the future opportunities in store for the vendors operating in the Cobots market?

What does the competitive landscape look like?

Which emerging technologies are believed to impact the Cobots market performance?

What are the key trends and dynamics?

Which regulations that will impact the industry?

Which segment will offer the most opportunity for growth between 2020 and 2028?

Where will most developments take place in the long term?

Who are the most prominent vendors and how much market share do they occupy?

What are the latest technologies or discoveries influencing the Cobots market growth worldwide?

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Table of Content

Chapter 1. Cobots Market Methodology & Sources

1.1. Cobots Market Definition

1.2. Cobots Market Research Scope

1.3. Cobots Market Methodology

1.4. Cobots Market Research Sources

1.4.1. Primary

1.4.2. Secondary

1.4.3. Paid Sources

1.5. Market Estimation Technique

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1. Summary Snapshot, 2019-2028

Chapter 3. Cobots Market Key Insights

Chapter 4. Cobots Market Segmentation & Impact Analysis

Chapter 5. Cobots Market By Products Insights & Trends, Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 6. Cobots Market By Types Insights & Trends, Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 7. Cobots Market By Applications Insights & Trends Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 8. Cobots Market By End Use Insights & Trends Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 9. Cobots Market Regional Outlook

Chapter 10. Competitive Landscape


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