Electronic Flight Instrument System Market size is projected to reach USD 598.8 Million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 2.7% | Emergen Research

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The global Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) market size was USD 598.8 Million in 2021 and is expected to register a revenue CAGR of 2.7% during the forecast period, according to latest analysis by Emergen Research. Rising demand for integration of advanced avionics onboard new aircraft as a substitute for cumbersome electromechanical gauges and indications, thereby conserving weight and lowering operational and maintenance costs for end-users, is a major factor driving market revenue growth.

EFIS is a display system in a flight deck, which displays flight data electronically rather than electromechanically. This system is made up of Multi-Functional Display (MFD), Primary Flight Display (PFD), Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS). Several manufacturers are devoting substantial resources to Research & Development (R&D) of highly sophisticated avionics and EFIS. For instance, in October 2021, at the 2021 NBAA conference, Universal Avionics debuted its new Flight Partner and Flight Review programs. Similarly, in March 2022, Thommen Aircraft, a Swiss-based avionics firm, launched its new display replacement services, with the goal of replacing old Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) and first-generation Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD) displays in the cockpit of aircraft.

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The report is a comprehensive research study of the global Electronic Flight Instrument System market inclusive of the latest trends, growth factors, developments, opportunities, and competitive landscape. The research study includes an in-depth analysis of the market using advanced research methodologies such as SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces analysis. The report is formulated with data gathered from primary and secondary research examined and validated by industry experts. The report provides an overview of the market leaders, segmentation by type, application, and region, and technological advancements.

The report further explores the key business players along with their in-depth profiling, product catalog, and strategic business decisions. The key players studied in the report are Honeywell International Inc., Garmin Ltd., Raytheon Technologies Corporation, BAE Systems, Korry Electronics, CMC Electronics Inc., AvMAP Satellite Navigation, TalosAvionics, Moving Terrain, and GRT Avionics.

Some Key Highlights From the Report

The commercial aviation segment accounted for a significant revenue share in 2021 due to increasing use of sophisticated avionics in this segment. Previous generation of aircraft used large electromechanical gauges and indicators to display aircraft’s performance parameters. However, they were gradually replaced with EFIS technology, due to their low dependability and bulkiness. In addition, EFIS provides multi-function capabilities, by overcoming physical limitations of traditional instruments. Moreover, modern EFIS provides high-quality infographics to monitor various aircraft systems, such as GPS and EVS systems, among others.

The navigation segment accounted for a significant revenue share in 2021. Strategic initiatives and product approvals aimed at installing electronic flight instrument in light and high-performance single and multiengine aircraft are major factors driving revenue growth of this segment in various countries. For instance, on 2 August 2022, FAA approved the expansion of AML Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of uAvionix AV-30-C electronic flight instrument in over 190 high-performance single-engine and light multiengine aircraft. In addition, rising demand for reliable and efficient flight management systems is a major factor driving revenue growth of this segment throughout the forecast period.

The line-fit segment accounted for a significant revenue share in 2021. Significant investments in high-performance LCD displays and state-of-the-art functionality in commercial and military aircraft are major factors driving revenue growth of this segment. In addition, investments aimed at improving aircraft capabilities and improvements in situational awareness are among other key factors driving revenue growth in various countries. Line-Fit entails direct installation of EFIS into aircraft cockpit by aircraft OEMs. The line-fit segment is expected to account for largest market share during the forecast period as number of aircraft with EFIS installation provisions in active fleet is limited to commercial and military aviation and much older generation light aircraft did not have necessary wiring and electrical design for EFIS upgrade.

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Key Parameters Analyzed in This Section:

Company Profiles

Gross Revenue

Profit margins

Product sales trends

Product pricing

Industry Analysis

Sales & distribution channels

The report is an investigative study of the technological developments and product advancements, along with a regional analysis for each product and application offered in the market. The fundamental objective of the report is to give an insight into the workings of the Electronic Flight Instrument System industry. It provides an accurate and strategic outlook of the market with a thorough assessment of the segments and sub-segments of the market. It provides a panoramic view of the industry to offer a deeper understanding of the global industry.

Emergen Research has segmented the global EFIS market based on platform, application, fit, and region:

  • Platform Outlook (Revenue, USD Million; 2019-2030)
    • Commercial Aviation
    • Military Aviation
    • General Aviation
  • Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Million; 2019-2030)
    • Navigation
    • Information Management
    • Engine Monitoring
    • Others
  • Fit Outlook (Revenue, USD Million; 2019-2030)
    • Line-Fit
    • Retrofit

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Regional Landscape section of the Electronic Flight Instrument System report offers deeper insights into the regulatory framework, current and emerging market trends, production and consumption patterns, supply and demand dynamics, import/export, and presence of major players in each region.

The various regions analyzed in the report include:

North America (U.S., Canada)

Europe (U.K., Italy, Germany, France, Rest of EU)

Asia Pacific (India, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Rest of APAC)

Latin America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)

Objectives of the Report:

Study of the global Electronic Flight Instrument System market size by key regions, types, and applications with reference to historical data (2019-2020) and forecast (2022-2030)

Industrial structure analysis of the Electronic Flight Instrument System market by identification of various sub-segments

Extensive analysis of key market players along with their SWOT analysis

Competitive landscape bench marking

Analysis of Electronic Flight Instrument System market based on growth trends, futuristic outlook, and contribution to the total growth of the market

Analysis of drivers, constraints, opportunities, challenges, and risks in the global Electronic Flight Instrument System market

Comprehensive analysis of competitive developments such as expansions, agreements, new product launches, and other strategic alliances

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