Managed Detection and Response Market 2022-2030 | Share, Size, Business Opportunities, Growth Factors, High Demand, Top Countries Analysis Report

Managed Detection and Response Market

Global Managed Detection and Response Market Forecast to 2030

According to the most recent report by Emergen Research, the global Managed Detection and Response (MDR) market size was USD 4.9 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 18.1%. The primary reason fueling the market’s revenue growth is an increase in the frequency of cyberattacks against the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry.

Cyber attacks are increasing in both volume and sophistication, and any business, large or small, is considered vulnerable. While anti-virus software is regarded as a valuable investment, it is far from sufficient to prevent all (or even most) forms of attacks. To secure its digital assets and resources, every company needs layers of security measures, which are occasionally insufficient. In reality, while preventative measures are necessary, detection and reaction skills are also required in today’s computer world. There is no single solution for stopping all cyberattacks, therefore companies must be prepared to notice the existence of an attacker on their systems and respond to the danger to reduce it.

Few companies have the in-house resources to conduct their own threat-hunting and incident response. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a service that evolved from the requirement for companies to be proactive in looking for and responding to security threats and vulnerabilities in their environment. MDR providers, who are frequently connected with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), manage both proactive and reactive cybersecurity operations using proprietary detection and incident response technologies and platforms. MDR security service providers tools and platforms are also monitored and maintained by their qualified security experts and engineers that monitor a customer’s network for suspicious behavior, assess incidents when they are identified, and respond in a way that mitigates the danger.

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Competitive Landscape:

Furthermore, the report includes an in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape. The segment covers a comprehensive overview of the company profiles along with product profiles, production capacities, products/services, pricing analysis, profit margins, and manufacturing process developments. The report also covers strategic business measures undertaken by the companies to gain substantial market share. The report provides insightful information about recent mergers and acquisitions, product launches, collaborations, joint ventures, partnerships, agreements, and government deals.

Key Companies Profiled in the Report:

Accenture plc, The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Cisco Systems, Inc., Arctic Wolf Networks Inc., CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc., eSentire, Inc, FireEye, Raytheon Technologies Corporation, Rapid7, and IronNet, Inc

Market Dynamics:

The report offers insightful information about the market dynamics of the Managed Detection and Response market. It offers SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, and Porter’s Five Forces analysis to present a better understanding of the Managed Detection and Response market, competitive landscape, factors affecting it, and to predict the growth of the industry. It also offers the impact of various market factors along with the effects of the regulatory framework on the growth of the Managed Detection and Response market.

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Some Key Highlights From the Report

  • The network security segment accounted for a significant revenue share in 2021. Network security encompasses all of the measures necessary to protect the integrity of a computer network and the data contained inside it. To protect consumers and businesses from malware and cyber assaults such as distributed denial of service, good network security strategies include many security technologies. Network security is critical since it prevents hackers from gaining access to critical data and sensitive information. When hackers obtain such information, they can create a variety of problems, including identity theft, and asset theft.
  • The cloud segment accounted for a significant revenue share in 2021. In many information technologies architecture-based organizations, cloud technology is used by corporate network managers to protect devices. Cloud-based deployment has various advantages, including prevention of Distributed denial-of-Service (DDoS), hyperjacking, and hypercall attacks. In addition, it is scalable, simple to collaborate with, easy to implement, and has low operational costs.
  • The BFSI segment accounted for largest revenue share in 2021 owing to increase in cybersecurity assaults, spending on cybersecurity solutions, and financial data breaches. Data on users may be compromised by a banking industry with poor cybersecurity. The most common attack vectors employed by cybercriminals to target this business have been Trojans, Ransomware, Botnets, and Info Stealers. Rise in ransomware, malware and phishing assaults in banking, financial services, and insurance is driving revenue growth of the managed detection and response market.
  • Threat detection segment accounted for largest revenue share in 2021. MDR monitors identifies, and responds to threats found within the organization from a distant location. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools often give essential visibility into endpoint security events. Managed investigation services help enterprises analyze risks quicker by adding context to security warnings. Organizations may have a better understanding of what happened when it happened, who was affected, and how far the attacker proceeded. They may design an effective reaction using this information.

Managed Detection and Response Market Segmentation:

Market Overview:

The report bifurcates the Managed Detection and Response market on the basis of different product types, applications, end-user industries, and key regions of the world where the market has already established its presence. The report accurately offers insights into the supply-demand ratio and production and consumption volume of each segment.

Segments Covered in this report are:

  • Security Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2019-2030)
    • Network Security
    • Endpoint Security
    • Cloud Security
    • Application Security
    • Others
  • Deployment Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2019-2030)
    • Cloud
    • On-premise
  • Application Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2019-2030)
    • Banking, Financial Service, and Insurance (BFSI)
    • Education and Training
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Automotive
    • Manufacturing
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Retail
    • IT & ITeS
    • Others

Regional Segmentation;

North America (U.S., Canada)

Europe (U.K., Italy, Germany, France, Rest of EU)

Asia Pacific (India, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Rest of APAC)

Latin America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Rest of Latin America)

Middle East & Africa (Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., South Africa, Rest of MEA)

In conclusion, the Managed Detection and Response Market report is an exhaustive database that will help readers formulate lucrative strategies. The Managed Detection and Response Market report studies the latest economic scenario with value, drivers, constraints, growth opportunities, challenges, demand and supply ratio, production capacity, import/export status, growth rate, and others. Additionally, the report also undertakes SWOT Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis to study the leading companies.

How will this Report Benefit you?

A 250-page report from Emergen Research includes 194 tables and 189 charts and graphics. Anyone in need of commercial, in-depth assessments for the global Managed Detection and Response market, as well as comprehensive market segment analysis, can benefit from our new study. You can assess the whole regional and global market for Managed Detection and Response with the aid of our recent study. To increase market share, obtain financial analysis of the whole market and its various segments. We think there are significant prospects in this industry for rapidly expanding energy storage technology. Look at how you may utilise the current and potential revenue-generating prospects in this sector. The research will also assist you in making better strategic decisions, enabling you to build growth strategies, strengthen competitor analysis, and increase business productivity.

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